From Music & Politics, Patricia Hall (UCSB): Music and Politics: A Class for Non-Majors; May Beal (UCSC): Politics and Protest in American Musical History; and Guido Fackler (Wurzburg): Music in Concentration Camps 1933-1945. From The New York Review of Magazines, a review of Liberty and Reason; a review of Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer; and a review of Guilt & Pleasure and Heeb. From Book Design Review, try not to smile when you see this amongst other books next time you're in the bookstore. From ScribeMedia, is art more important than real life? Artist Martin Creed doesn’t agree; and an article on the fight over content and its manipulation. Wonders and whoppers: Following in Marco Polo's footsteps through Asia leads Mike Edwards to some surprising conclusions. From Amateur Economists, a review of Infotopia: How Many Minds Produce Knowledge by Cass R. Sunstein; and a review of University, Inc.: The Corporate Corruption of American Higher Education by Jennifer Washburn. From Standpoint, an article on the mysterious appeal of Alan Furst's historical espionage novels. From Radical Middle, an article on why the Bible is our one essential political book. The Serenity Prayer is about to endure a controversy over its authorship that is likely to be anything but serene. Fannie, Freddie, Folly: Why the two mortgage giants can't be allowed to fail.