From Economic Analysis and Policy, Birger Nerre (GTZ): Tax Culture: A Basic Concept for Tax Politics. On Chicago campus, Milton Friedman’s legacy of controversy continue. From TED, Clay Shirky on institutions vs. collaboration; and how would you feel if you lost everything? From World Affairs, Adam Bellow on Skin in the Game: A Conservative Chronicle. From National Journal, Democratic lawmakers are already thinking about how to deal with a president of their own party in 2009; in fact, some of them seem almost overwhelmed; and supplies of rice, corn, and wheat—crops that yield half of the world's food calories—could shrink dramatically by 2050 because of global warming. A review of The Ecstatic Quotidian: Phenomenological Sightings in Modern Art and Literature by Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei. The new smart self-help book Nudge is shaping political debate; Pat Kane on the rise of big ideas for busy readers. Hot for the Wrong Teachers: Why are public schools so bad at hiring good instructors? A review of Sticks and Stones: The Philosophy of Insults by Jerome Neu. A review of Immortality Defended by John Leslie. From The Weekly Standard, a review of Spiritual Enterprise: Doing Virtuous Business by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch; and laughter at the Supreme Court: Yes, the justices tell lawyer jokes.