From New Statesman, when Marx met Mill: People just don't want to be told — personal political responsibility, like virtue, is notoriously difficult to teach; Richard Thaler, Cameron's free-market guru, simply gives Friedman a makeover; and an article on the enduring appeal of Nazi chic. An interview with Richard Holbrooke on Radovan Karadzic: "He would have made a good Nazi". From TLS, a review of The Modernist Papers by Fredric Jameson. From LRB, Stefan Collini reviews Raymond Williams: A Warrior’s Tale by Dai Smith. A review of Bleached Faith: The Tragic Cost When Religion Is Forced into the Public Square by Steven Goldberg. From National Journal, depending on who wins the presidency, the Supreme Court could turn sharply to the right or see its first crusading liberal justice in many years (and a look at possible nominees from Obama and McCain). From "Ideas", how to contain radical Islam: The best global strategy for the US may be the one that won the Cold War (and more); and the culture of corruption: Once rule-breaking becomes ingrained, there are some surprising ways to stop it. More on Political Hypocrisy by David Runciman. A review of Vets Under Siege: How America Deceives and Dishonors Those Who Fight Our Battles by Martin Schram. From The Guardian, a special section on ebooks. Literacy debate: Online, R U really reading?