From The Nation, a cover story on MoveOn at Ten: It's given voice to a new silent majority—and made a few enemies. Now what? From NYRB, Ronald Dworkin on why Boumediene v. Bush is one of the most important Supreme Court decisions in recent years; an excerpt from Jane Meyer's The Dark Side (and more); Samantha Power reviews Us vs. Them by J. Peter Scoblic and Heads in the Sand by Matthew Yglesias (and more and more and more); a review of books on the devastation of Iraq's past; Geoffrey Wheatcroft reviews On For Your Eyes Only: Ian Fleming and James Bond by Ben Macintyre and four other books; and who will digitize the world's books? An interview with Will Kymlicka on multiculturalism and liberal democracy. Some books are so dear, so essential, that if a potential partner finds it risible, any meeting of the minds (or body) is impossible. From Vanity Fair, Douglas Feith recently testified that his views had been distorted by author Philippe Sands — oh really? A look at what University of Chicago conservatives think of Barack Obama. The handshake may always have a firm grip on business, but the fist bump is making inroads. Blue sky thinking: Here are 10 ideas that changed the course of history. From Slate, meet the interest groups that will decide the fate of medical insurance. From Portfolio, an interview with Naomi Klein.