From ResetDOC, an interview with Seyla Benhabib on the public sphere, deliberation, journalism and dignity; and Carl Schmitt was right in saying that politics needs an enemy — must this enemy necessarily be the "other", and hence a political opponent or someone who is diverse? Exposing Bush's historic abuse of power: Salon has uncovered new evidence of post-9/11 spying on Americans; obtained documents point to a potential investigation of the White House that could rival Watergate. An interview with David Iglesias, author of In Justice: Inside the Scandal That Rocked the Bush Administration. Investigate now, pardon later: It's not quite time to let bygones be bygones. Bin Laden's soft support: How the next president can win over the world's most alienated Muslims. From Wired, can the $11,000 clover machine save Starbucks? How much does John McCain really know about foreign policy? Fred Kaplan wants to know. Defamation and the Internet: How the law effectively allows bloggers to take risks big media companies can't. From New Humanist, an interview with Lisa Jardine on doubt, precision and uncertainty; Natalie Haynes goes in search of spiritual enlightenment; Caspar Melville unravels the rise and fall of dreadlocks; from philosophy to fart jokes George Carlin always got there first; and is Woody Allen a loser, a kvetcher, a fatalist or a comic genius?