From Annual Review of Critical Psychology, a special issue on migration and asylum. An interview with Ambassador James P. Cain, who seems to have conquered the hearts of Danes one town at a time for the past year on a cross country bike tour. Compilations of terror groups are meant to stifle violence, but do they actually put the U.S. in danger? But my neighbor has a cell phone: Finally, a sensible way to measure poverty. An article on love letters of great men — for real. Holocaust denier David Irving hits Manhattan (and hearts Hitchens). After Russian artist Anna Alchuk was discovered drowned in the Spree her husband, the philospher Michail Ryklin looks to her diaries to help him approximate the causes of her death. Wondrousgames of logic: Mathematician Robin Wilson's enthusiasm for Lewis Carroll stems from a shared delight in the brain-teasing and magical world of numbers. Obama is Lincoln! No, He’s Carter! No, He's Reagan! On the meaninglessness of political analogies. An article on why academics are dipping their toes in the genre of self-help, despite its lack of scholarly kudos. From Comment, an article on John Lennon, Josh Hamilton, and the postmodern F word. Why play a losing game? Study uncovers why low-income people buy lottery tickets. Malcolm Kerr, the president of the American University of Beirut, was killed in 1984; his killers have never been caught.