From n+1, Salvador Allende may have won the symbolic battle, but it is the disgraced and disowned Pinochet who is winning the war. The introduction to Democratizing the Enemy: The Japanese American Internment by Brian Masaru Hayashi. The introduction to World Out of Balance: International Relations and the Challenge of American Primacy by Stephen G. Brooks and William C. Wohlforth. Why do nations and peoples exist, and why do particular nations exist in particular forms? Spengler investigates. The introduction to Innovation and Inequality: How Does Technical Progress Affect Workers? by Gilles Saint-Paul. From Truthdig, an interview with Ray Bradbury on literature and love. Darwin to the Rescue: A group of scholars thinks evolutionary science can reinvigorate literary studies. Moral and political dilemmas: An interview with Ronald Harwood on musical life in Nazi Germany. Arena rock's final chord: Are the days of arena rock coming to an end? The afterlife of American clothes: Haitian entrepreneurs find value in our castoffs. Building The Matrix: Simulating the complexity of quantum physics would quickly overwhelm even the most advanced of today’s computers; and could the vacuum contain dark energy, gravity particles, and frictionless gears? From Mclean's, barenaked mess: The fight, the girlfriend, the coke bust — what happened to Canada's most lovable pop star?