From New Left Review, Norman Dombey (Sussex): The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Aims, Limitations and Achievements (and a response); an essay on neoliberalism in Latin America; and Walter Benn Michaels argues that the Obama and Clinton campaigns are victories for neoliberalism, not over it. From LRB, after the Ottomans: Perry Anderson on Kemalism. Julian Baggini examines a new series of practical philosophy books dedicated to the art of living. Archives of Alaska papers reveal disturbing and goofy details from Sarah Palin's past. The Oprah effect: Given their naked insincerity, do political endorsements carry any weight? From Vanity Fair, since buying The Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch has talked freely with Michael Wolff about his business, his family, and the future. From the new magazine Culture11, Electric Kool-Aid Conservatism: Why the right needs more journalists and fewer activists; why small towns matter: How community helps America muster the manpower to defend itself; the Dracula argument: What the absence of vampires tells us about the existence of God; I vow (to bump and grind): Gangsta’ rap at the modern wedding; and beating Darcy down: He’s a dead, white, fictional man — let’s get over him, ladies. Michael Shermer on why our brains do not intuitively grasp probabilities. Yuck factor: Jan Freeman on how some words are uglier than others.