From DataCritica, Ray Thomas (Milton Keynes) and Martin Sewell (UCL): The Qualities of Statistics as Facts about Society; and Karim F. Hirjic (Muhimbili): Numerosis and Numeritis: Twin Pathologies of Contemporary Statistics. "Geography is everywhere": An interview with Denis Cosgrove. From Bitch, an article on Dora the Explorer and the dirty secrets of the global industrial economy. From The Monthly, a review of The Freedom Paradox: Towards a Post-Secular Ethics by Clive Hamilton. Maybe Lumumba never actually said to King Baudouin: "We are no longer your monkeys". Letter from the Gulag: The strange story of a prisoner who complained to Stalin's secret police chief — and got results. What we talk about when we talk about money: Couples and counsellors on what money says about relationships. All you need is love — but if it doesn’t work out, Thomas Hamerlinck is there to help. A review of Contraception: A History by Robert Jutte. From Cultural Survival, a special issue on climate change and indigenous peoples. From Boston Review, our daily bread: Without public investment, the food crisis will only get worse. From Catapult, community is bullshit, but as every good farmer knows, bullshit is beautiful; and "community" isn’t a four-letter word — or is it?  A look at how The Rest Is Noise by Alex Ross changes our understanding of 20th-century music.