From Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi on The Lies of Sarah Palin. Charlie Rose interviews Sarah Palin. Fareed Zakaria asks, will someone please put Sarah Palin out of her agony? From The New York Observer, can Todd make a mooseburger? Women's mags scramble on Palin coverage; and an article on the "what Senator Obama does not understand" debate. Richard Milhous McCain: Americans cannot escape from the shadow of Tricky Dick. From Wired, the 2008 Smart List: 15 people the next president should listen to. The New American: Young entrepreneurial Americans are doing something they have not done much before — they are leaving. When judges make foreign policy: In a globalized age, decisions made by the Supreme Court are increasingly shaping America’s international relations. From The Economist, a special report on globalization. Naomi Kelin on why economics is fun (and more on The Shock Doctrine). A review of How the Rich are Destroying the Earth by Herve Kempf. From Scientific American, a special issue on Earth 3.0, including articles on eco-cities and global warming. From Salon, Paul Ehrlich, Matthew Connelly and Robert Engelman debate population control. ; it’s the huge and remorselessly growing number of people who want to eat it. A review of What Next? Surviving the 21st Century by Chris Patten.