From the new online magazine The Daily Beast, Christopher Buckley, son of William, has decided — shock! — to vote for Obama. Can Tina Brown, editor of note, perched online, show us everything that's great on the Web today? (and an interview). From Entertainment Weekly, an interview with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Mock the Vote. Here are 5 myths about those Tinseltown liberals. From TAP, for years liberals thought they could catch up in media by playing by conservatives' rules; Rachel Maddow's success proves it's better to just change the game. From CQ, an article on the fight by GOP conservatives for control of their party. End of an error: Jonathan Chait on the twilight of conservative rule. Terry Eastland on the faith journey of Sarah Palin, Bible-believing Christian. There's new footage from ||inside Palin's church|; and more on Palin's pastor problem. From Salon, meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals, extremists Mark Chryson and Steve Stoll; and a look at the Palins’ un-American activities. Barracuda: Noam Scheiber on the resentments of Sarah Palin. A look at what America's smartest women say about Sarah Palin. Hockey Moms! You need a makeover. Toxic Paradise: How Sarah Palin made her state a dump. Palin vs. "Palin": When SNL parody becomes campaign reality.