From NPQ, a special section on the fraying seams of globalization, with essays by Naomi Klein, Robert Reich, Francis Fukuyama and Joseph Stiglitz. From New Internationalist, what are the West’s nuclear weapons actually for? From Wired, an article on how to visit a secret nuclear bunker. Terry Eagleton on how the age-old conflict between civilisation and barbarism has lately taken an ominous turn. A review of Vote For Caesar: How the Ancient Greeks and Romans Solved the Problems of Today by Peter Jones. From TLS, an article on Clive Sinclair's po-mo Wild West. Can there be great composers anymore? Webster Young wants to know. A review of Philosophical Perspectives on Art by Stephen Davies. More on Planet Google: One Company’s Audacious Plan to Organize Everything We Know by Randall Stross. A review of Lenin's Brain and Other Tales from the Soviet Archives by Paul R. Gregory. An article by Alain de Botton on the idea of home. A closet full of monsters is a scary place where "straight people" can safely negotiate and articulate their fascination and/or dread of "difference" in sexual preferences. Sorry, Fido, it’s just a guy thing: More men are unabashedly embracing their love of cats. Creative thinking key to economic future: "Mickey Mouse" courses are the first to respond to worldwide shortages of graduates vital to the creative economy.