From M/C Journal, Ianto Ware (South Australia): Andrew Keen Vs the Emos: Youth, Publishing, and Transliteracy; an essay on Couchsurfing, Delocator, and Fallen Fruit: Websites Respond to a Crisis of Democracy; and Ligia Toutant (UCLA): Can Stage Directors Make Opera and Popular Culture "Equal"? Jacob Zuma may force Africa to become more democratic, but will this lead to greater prosperity? From National Journal, can the government run the rescue? Enacting the bailout is one thing; carrying it out is quite another. The man behind the music: How Obama has inspired new tunes around the world. Why does music so often divide the sexes? Hip-Hop’s planet rocker: An interview with Afrika Bambaataa. From Vanity Fair, a look at the stock market’s 25 biggest losers. From Wired, an article on a simple plan to ID every creature on Earth. From Scientific American, Big Bang or Big Bounce? There's a new theory on the universe's birth (and more); and an article on hypnosis, memory and the brain. From Adbusters, Warhol managed to encapsulate the increasing emptiness of modern existence — if you want more meaningful art, build a more meaningful world; and quit Facebook: The decision to destroy a carefully built-up virtual image came as a result of wanting to enhance a profile. A review of Number and Numbers by Alain Badiou. Privatize the roads!, says economist Walter Block.