From Anthropoetics, towards an enlightened form of doomsaying: An article on rational choice before the Apocalypse. From Arena, Simon Cooper on academic Darwinism, the (logical) end of the Dawkins Era; and climate change is not the basic issue: The technoscience–capitalism convergence has supercharged climate change; we need a movement to tackle that. The carnivore's dilemma: A review of books about beef. From Rolling Stone, an article on getting to know David Foster Wallace; and Block the Vote: Will the GOP's campaign to deter new voters and discard Democratic ballots determine the next president? Nuts about ACORN: Believing in vote fraud may be dangerous to a democracy's health. From Splice Today, an article on the GOPs brainwashing tactics. The Richardson Report: Here are 57 lies the Republican Party wants you to believe right now and the 10 dirtiest election tricks the Republicans have tried so far. From New York, an article on the Right’s class war: The prospect of a McCain loss has the Republican Party angrily turning on itself; and does Joe the Plumber matter? The answer might surprise you. Join an average Joe as he journeys to the very seats of the nation's power — literally; can he talk his own bottom into the throne of a Supreme Court justice, the Pentagon perch of the secretary of defense? Mitchell Cohen discusses George Lichtheim's Imperialism (and part 2).