From Fibreculture, Caroline Bassett (Sussex): New Maps for Old? The Cultural Stakes of 2.0; and John Potts (Macquarie): Who’s Afraid of Technological Determinism? An article on the cooling climate "consensus" of 1970s that never was. From TLS, a look at when geology came of age, and how it changed the way we think about our place in the cosmos. The introduction to Corporate Governance: Promises Kept, Promises Broken by Jonathan Macey. Booklovers turn to Karl Marx as financial crisis bites in Germany. Here's a primer to Karl Marx's guide to the end of capitalism. 100 years of financial disasters: This isn't the first financial meltdown, and it won't be the last. A Capitalist Manifesto: Markets remain our best hope for a better future. The Tao of Poop: The meaning of the ultimate euphemism is anything but simple. A study finds 10 years on, high-school social skills predict better earnings than test scores. Berkeley Breathed explains why he is ending his comic strip "Opus". If Bill Maher and his fellow "new atheists" want to be effective, they need to stop preaching to the choir. From America, is the concept of intrinsic evil helpful to the Catholic voter? Here's a just-in-case guide for reporters just in case Obama collapses. From Frontline, you can watch "The Choice 2008" online. Christopher Hayes on how he committed voter fraud.