From The Economist, an article on the guilty men of Wall Street: Jail time for financial titans? Madeleine Bunting on how the world's poor will pay the price for a crisis sparked by the rich. Three years after the world’s richest countries declared war on poverty, the aid industry is on the brink of disaster. Beyond the abyss: An article on America's economic future after the financial crisis. Death Defying: John Judis on heroism's grip on the political subconscious. Marci Hamilton on the rise and fall of John McCain, as explained by the principles the framers of the Constitution embraced. From The Daily Beast, Michael Kinsley on how to think like John McCain; and Stanley Crouch on how Palin will change the GOP. From IHE, Keith Gandal on why you shouldn't be afraid to study war. Curious about the state of higher education in America? Take a job churning out pages on Shakespeare, Faulkner, and the man one client called "Plah-toe". From Radar, how 21-year-old American college student Amanda Knox was framed for murder. A review of Descartes’ Bones: A Skeletal History of the Conflict Between Faith and Reason by Russell Shorto. From Secular Web, a review of Antony Flew's There is a God; and an article on the human origin of the Bible: How Nicaea defined God with a vote. After two decades of increasingly graphic fare, comic book publishers are once again making superheroes safe for kids.