From TNR, a look at how soldiers really vote: The surprisingly liberal tendencies of US soldiers; Eve Fairbanks on wingnut blowback in reddest America; Jeffrey Rosen on the judicial apocalypse that McCain would usher in; an interview with Brian Moore, the Socialist Party USA's presidential nominee; and Leon Wieseltier on why he's voting for Obama: When McCain picked Sarah Palin, he told the US to go f*ck itself. Reza Aslan, Parag Khanna, Christopher Hitchens, Andrew Bacevich, and many more on (not quite) 101 things Sarah Palin should know about the world. The Right-Wing Primal Scream: Why Republicans are mad as hell at John McCain. A look at how "latte liberals" give other progressives a bad name. A review of The Democrats: A Critical History by Lance Selfa. Getting Bush right: Who will be the next George Bush? Christopher Buckley on electing a punch line (and more and more on this repeat apostate). The future of time: Our obsession with the clock has driven us to refine and control it, but where does that control end? A review of Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy by Lawrence Lessig. The Thing is not your garden-variety periodical: Magazine or a work of art? The art of noise: James MacMillan makes the case for modern classical music. Chivalry and carnage: After decades of neglect, medieval themes are more popular than ever.