From The New York Times' "Week in Review", a special issue on the election. From The National, Matthew Power goes on the road with the never-ending presidential campaign of Ralph Nader, where futility is in the eye of the beholder. William Greider on Nader's stubborn idealism. How will history judge Catholics in the 2008 election? Deal W. Hudson wants to know; more on parsing the US Catholic vote; and here's a guide for the perplexed Catholic voter. A review of Contemporary Perspectives on Natural Law: Natural Law as a Limiting Concept. Bruce Reed on why Senate Democrats don't need 60 seats to reach their magic number. American legal conservatives oppose the citation of foreign law, but what about the hallowed practice of citing to Blackstone? From The Atlantic Monthly, Christopher Hitchens reviews The World Is What It Is: The Authorized Biography of V. S. Naipaul by Patrick French; and Virginia Postrel on on how public anxiety over “excessive” consumer debt has a long, and misguided, history. For sale at Neiman Marcus: Yourself, in Legos. Whether it’s through overfishing, new ethical standards, or nanny-state health measures, the following foods may some day soon disappear from menus forever. The world's most outspoken climatologist argues that today's carbon dioxide levels are already dangerously too high — what can we do if he is right?