From Dissent, a symposium on The First 100 Days; and the world's warden: Crime, punishment, and politics in the United States. From Radical Middle, an article on making the U.S. justice system less mechanistic and more compassionate. Sympathy for the Devil: Crime stats say L.A.'s streets are safer than ever, so why are gang hoods still so bloody? What is life really like for the police who tackle serious crime? Louis Theroux found out. From TNR, better than a bailout: Here's how to rescue Detroit without forcing them into bankruptcy; an the Great Detroit Paradox: How much of the blame should fall on the unions? From Triple Canopy, the gift of eternal life: A filmmaker visits the Holy Land Experience theme park, where Christ is crucified twice a day; specters of a young Earth: The dinosaurs at Kentucky’s Creation Museum are stalking evolution, reason, and the American city; and currents in logic made ancient, for OS 9 — an artist project bringing together the fragments of Heraclitus and the calculus of truth tables. The ghost of cotton: How vanished plantations still shape American voting. A review of Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton (and more and more; and more from Bookforum). Google’s Gatekeepers: Nicole Wong and her colleagues decide what the world can see on YouTube — are they also determining the limits of free speech?