From Crossroads, Daniela Ropelato (St. Thomas Aquinas): The Quality of Democracy: Participation and its Dilemma: How to Go Beyond? A review of How Terrorism Is Wrong: Morality and Political Violence by Virginia Held (and more). From Bidoun, the Iron Sheik has always been a large man, but over time his vast Herculean figure has gone soft, settling into a less distinct, though still formidable, girth; and the Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences might seem a resort — as it happens, it is a hospital. From Salon, a special report on The Sexiest Man Living 2008; and Katha Pollitt and a panel of experts discuss the changing landscape of reproductive freedom, LGBT rights and the discourse of desire, but where are all the young women? Fossils are fine, a live beastie is better: A wish list of extinct species that would be good to have around again. We should see the ceaseless creativity of nature as sacred, argues biologist Stuart Kauffman, despite what Richard Dawkins might say. From Fast Company, a look at what neuroscience reveals about how to come up with new ideas; an article on Peter Gabriel’s YouTube for Human Rights; and a merry band of typeface provocateurs is styling down to the letter (and more). From Vanity Fair, a report from the inside on Mugabe’s campaign of terror — and the extraordinary courage of those who’ve confronted "The Fear".