From The New York Times Magazine, here's the 8th Annual Year in Ideas issue. From Time, a special report on Barack Obama as Person of the Year. Nobody here but us post-partisans: Does it matter if Barack Obama doesn't call his policies progressive? He's black, get over it: We may not have chosen to be a hybrid people, anymore than we chose to come here in the first place, but that's what we are now. Witness the caganer, or "shitter" in Catalan: You're going to want to sit down for this. The tyranny of the to-read pile: Advice to beat the credit crunch by reading those books you own but never read isn't as straightforward as it sound. The first chapter from Disarmed: The Missing Movement for Gun Control in America by Kristin A. Goss. Bill Moyers interviews Salon's Glenn Greenwald. Headache and indigestion — is your bra to blame? Can a Kimbo Slice protege become a ghetto superstar? Whatever the outcome, Dhafir Harris does it with no fear. What kind of relationship will the Obama White House have with the media? A lot will depend on Robert Gibbs. Don't hold your breath for that unemployment check. For someone who inadvertently triggered a clash of civilizations, Flemming Rose doesn’t look much like a provocateur. A review of The Seduction of Common Sense: How the Right Has Framed the Debate on America’s Schools by Kevin K. Kumashiro.