From Dissent, an essay on interrogating the Great Depression. From Big Think, Paul Krugman on the return of depression economics (and a review). Madison Powers on the return of the Wall Street Democrats. The trouble with Starbucks: As Howard Schultz nears his goal to make the coffee chain the world’s most recognised brand, he faces a dilemma. A review of Arthur Miller by Christopher Bigsby. Josh Strawn writes in defense of Zizek. From HNN, should Obama lead from the center or not? A debate. The War Dividend: Will the Pentagon lock the Obama administration into ever-escalating military budgets? Jon Favreau, Obama's chief speechwriter, works on inaugural address while making his own transition. Terry Eagleton on Milton's republic: Our great dissident poet did more than just hymn the praises of revolt. Milton the poet was a bore and a prig, but on liberty he was majestic. James Frey is moving on from his drugs and booze-soaked memoirs to write the third book of the Bible. In the first of a remarkable series of video interviews, Britain's leading green commentator, George Monbiot, charges Yvo de Boer, the UN's leading climate change official, with lacking ambition for a global emissions deal; and more with International Energy Authority's chief economist Fatih Birol. The sex blogger's sex blogger: Fleshbot's Lux Alptraum believes quality porn will survive the Internet free-for-all.