From The Bulletin, an article on OPEC and the Prisoner's Dilemma. AC Grayling on ideas that could save humanity.  Understanding economics and economists: The introduction to The Making of an Economist, Redux by David Colander. A review of Global Pentecostalism: The New Face of Christian Social Engagement by Donald E. Miller and Tetsunao Yamamori. A review of Allen Wood's Kantian Ethics. Jan Tschichold, titan of typography: The man who perfected Penguin's classic paperback deserves to be remembered as one of the great designers of the 20th century. Mountain of death: How risky is it to attempt to scale the world’s highest peak? Jessica Fridrich specializes in problems that only seem impossible to solve. Does Berlusconi speak through his ass or his elbow? Talk is cheap: Consumer spending finally falters — can it be good news? Alan Dershowitz on the hazards of making the case for Israel. Rather than offering a blank check to Soviet-style behemoths like General Motors, now is the time for government to force open the market for a wide variety of Specific Motors. The introduction to Feeding the World: An Economic History of World Agriculture, 1800-2000 by Giovanni Federico. The making of an icon: Two years ago, Victoria Beckham couldn't get a ticket to a fashion show; now style insiders are queuing up to buy her clothes — how did that happen?