From Evolutionary Psychology, a review of Randy Thornhill and Steven W. Gangestad's The Evolutionary Biology of Human Female Sexuality. From Vanity Fair, talking to New York Times insiders, Mark Bowden examines the nexus of dynasty and character that has brought the 57-year-old Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. to the precipice. The flat tax is flat-lining: The meltdown of Baltic countries shows what a bad idea this gimmick always was. Robert Reich on why we need more stimulus, not more bailout; and on a short citizen's guide to kooks, demagogues, and right-wingers on tax day. The crimes of incest that are on the rise: Are there more Dungeon Dads? Epochalypse soon: "21" December 2012?????!?!?!? Immanuel Wallerstein on Af-Pak: Obama's War. From LRB, a review of Cornelius Cardew: A Life Unfinished by John Tilbury (and more from Bookforum); and a review of Correspondence: The Foundation of the Situationist International (June 1957-60) by Guy Debord. Clive James on what porn is really for: To keep one's mind off sex while one's partner is absent (and more). A look at how "f—- the recession " became a slogan. Robert Stacy McCain is in search of right-wing Gonzo, or Why Culture11 sucked so bad.