From Foreign Policy, Joshua Kurlantzick on The Bourgeois Revolution: How the global middle class declared war on democracy. Peter Berkowitz on Pragmatism, Obama style (and a response by Damon Linker). From The Activist, an article on Christopher Hitchens and the Death of the Left. Sex was more fun in the 1970s: The original Joy of Sex emphasized pleasure; the new version of the book seems like one more manual on how to perform and impress. Pornocalypse Now: It’s in a fog of fake fucking that man is sleepwalking toward an abyss. Jerry Coyne on the adaptive significance of semen flavor. From The Guardian Weekly, an article on French, the language of freedom and a look at Spain's lessons in multilingual teaching. In a stunning result, the winner of the annual Time 100 poll and new owner of the title World's Most Influential Person is moot (and more). I’m sad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore: These days, everywhere you look you see anchors seemingly on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Roger Ebert on the leisure of the theory class. Francis Fukuyama on Mexico and the Drug Wars (and more). Flu's biggest victim: Poor Mexico can’t catch a break. More and more and more on The Art Instinct by Denis Dutton (and more from Bookforum).