From Judgment and Decision Making, Eric Luis Uhlmann (Northwestern), David Pizarro (Cornell), and David Tannenbaum and Peter Ditto (UC-Irvine): The motivated use of moral principles. Don’t make me scrape off that fake tan: Our era's greatest scourge — the carrot-colored hot mess. From LRC, Charles Wright on too much health care: We can’t afford life’s creeping medicalization. A review of What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell (and more and more and more and more). Christina Binkley on the relentless rise of power jeans: World leaders and executives wear them (mostly well) — and how to get denim right. Newsweek surveys of how heads of state spend their vacations. Jacob Weisberg on gay marriage and marijuana: You can't stop either — why that's good. Is Ultimate Fighting gay? Thaddeus Russell investigates. An interview with Jim Holt on the "puzzle of existence". Old hipsters now need hip replacement: A review of The Birth (and Death) of Cool by Ted Gioia. From n+1, why turn your blog back into a printed book when the whole point of blogging and reading blogs was thought to lead to an inexorable emancipation from the bindings of the page, the severe duties of print? Sex for Cartoons: Jay Cantor's Krazy Kat is a fascinating, overlooked novel about human urges in 2-D characters. Adam Sternbergh on why you should resist the lure of book clubs. Can we say goodnight to the bad guy, already? In a craven country where we simultaneously crave more Gordon Gekko and loathe the Bernie Madoffs, something's gotta give — a manifesto for the end of cultural hypocrisy.