Mary A. Kizima (BSU) and Sergey A. Kizima (APA): The Development of Business Styles in Post-Soviet Russia and Belarus. The Kremlin Kowtow: Why have Western leaders and intellectuals gone soft on Russia's autocracy? How did Russia’s richest oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky become the last best hope of its human rights campaigners? Death in Detention: An article on Russia's prison scandal. From Cross Currents, why Russians should not read Sartre, or the search for God in two extremities of Europe. The “Orthodox resurgence” taking place in Russia may have as much to do with nationalism as with religious zeal. Stalin's Revival: Russia wrestles with rehabilitating its great Soviet-era wartime leader and homicidal maniac. Officials from Moscow's Committee for Monumental Arts recently discussed plans to remove what is the only monument of Karl Marx in the city, putting forward a variety of arguments. Can Belarus' communism-lite go on? Minsk might give the impression of an idealized Soviet Union, but the recession has revealed cracks in Belarus' "market socialism". Alexander Lukashenko has often been referred to as Europe's last dictator— all of a sudden, though, he seems to be on a push to rapidly liberalize Belarus' economy and turn it into a high-tech paradise. A Belarusian novel encourages citizens to question their own role in perpetuating the regime that governs them; the authorities’ response suggests it has touched a nerve. Your native tongue is a crime against the state: Observations in Belarus, the last former-Soviet police state. An article on Russia's energy feud with Belarus: Will Kazakhs step in?