A new issue of Atlantis: Journal of the Spanish Association of Anglo-American Studies is out. Peter Green (Texas): Possession and Pneuma: The Essential Nature of the Delphic Oracle. Mr. Cool Gets Hot: As president, Obama has walked the walk — but now, with his agenda endangered, he has to learn to talk the talk; and the tea party is now in a big tent. The Many Lives of Count Dracula: How Bram Stoker's Count created the template for modern vampires. From First Things, Irving Louis Horowitz on how Hannah Arendt’s life was a testimonial to the open transparencies of the Jewish and American traditions and to the disastrous fall from grace of German liberalism. The Return of the Neocons: Neoconservatism was once deemed dead, but it persists, not just as the de facto foreign-policy plank of the Republican Party but, its proponents assert, in Obama's unapologetic embrace of American military might. A review of Tattoo Machine: Tall Tales, True Stories, and My Life in Ink by Jeff Johnson. Twittering Fools: Edward Docx is not interested in what the public thinks — nobody is, not even the public. Michael Linden on how to spot a deficit peacock: Four ways to tell when someone isn't serious about the deficit. From Hippie to Hip: Fashion designers are filling catwalks from New York to Los Angeles and Paris to Milan with fresh looks that make sustainability sexy. The GOP is about to unleash an ungodly number of Contracts With America. Uncovering secrets of the Sphinx: After decades of research, American archaeologist Mark Lehner has some answers about the mysteries of the Egyptian colossus.