Karola Dillenburger, Lyn McKerr (QUB): “40 Years Is an Awful Long Time”: Parents Caring for Adult Sons and Daughters with Disabilities. Dear Media: When reporting poll results, please keep in mind the following suggestions. Kate Zambreno reviews Wetlands by Charlotte Roche. Emergency doors, karaoke bombers and other false alarms: When did we become such a nation of scaredy-cats? Filtering Reality: Jamais Cascio on how an emerging technology could threaten civility. Nobody Wants to Go Home: Patrick Brown on a unified theory of Reality TV. From TAP,  Mark Schmitt and Rick Perlstein debate Theory of Change at year one; and underrating reform: Even with its compromises, health reform is the most ambitious effort in decades to reorganize a big part of life around principles of justice and efficiency. There was a time when comedy was challenging and it took people out of their comfort zones; Chandler Levack examines what the next generation of comedians have to look forward to. A review of The Politician: An Insider's Account of John Edwards's Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down by Andrew Young (and more and more). Painful memories that cause distress could soon be a thing of the past; recent studies suggest memories can be manipulated, edited — and even deleted. Serve and tattle: Politicians can expect loyalty to come with an expiration date. Since the dawn of hiphop, there have been rap feuds — but Army Times has an exclusive track from the first U.S. Army rap feud. A drop of oil doped with acid has been filmed "solving" a complex maze — but is it really intelligent?