Ken Gelder (Melbourne): English, Autonomy, and the Republic of Letters (and a response). After “the worst MLA ever,” where does English studies go from here? From In These Times, Valerie Saturen on liberal arts education and the growing class divide. Wolfgang Grassl (St. Norbert): The Study of Business as a Liberal Art? Toward an Aristotelian Reconstruction. An article on multicultural critical theory — at B-school? Isherwood the Multiculturalist: The author's depiction of mid-century academe's diversity is far more nuanced than Tom Ford's film adaptation. P.C. Never Died: Think campus censorship disappeared in the 1990s? Many in the humanities feel that their disciplines and relevance are under attack. Thomas Benton on graduate school in the humanities — just don't go. Highly specialized master’s programs provide a field guide to the zeitgeist, with degrees to fit every niche and new twist in the culture. A review of The Great American University: Its Rise to Pre-eminence, Its Indispensable National Role, Why It Must Be Protected by Jonathan Cole. A new study links a range of factors in making academe "politically typed" as liberal (and more). Jessica Loudis reviews The Marketplace of Ideas: Reform and Resistance in the American University by Louis Menand (and more and more and more and more and more and more and more). The Provocations of Mark Taylor: The Columbia University professor wants to reform higher education. A review of Making Reform Work: The Case for Transforming American Higher Education by Robert Zemsky. An excerpt from The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities Are Reshaping the World by Ben Wildavsky.