Jeffery Williamson (Harvard): Five Centuries of Latin American Inequality. Laurence Whitehead (Oxford): Fernando Henrique Cardoso: The Astuzia Fortunata of Brazil’s Sociologist-President. Chad Post on how Roberto Bolano finally shattered the magic-realist stereotype that has plagued Spanish writers for the past few decades — great news for the dozens of Latin American novels translated into English. An interview with Alan Angell on books on Pinochet and Chilean politics. A review of The New Latin American Left and Experiments in Radical Social Democracy. Alma Guillermoprieto on Bolivia's parched future. From Americas Quarterly, should presidents be allowed unlimited terms in office? Patricio Navia and Steven Griner debate. Postcard from Quince Mil: How a little town in Peru is becoming a hotspot. An interview with Chris Moss on psychoanalysing Argentina. In Chile, many are optimistic that prosperity is coming. Venezuela's and Colombia's ambassadors to the US tell their sides of a tense story. Adios, Monroe Doctrine: Jorge Castaneda on when the Yanquis go home (and a response). An interview with Hugh Thomson on books on Mexico. For a place with as much common history and culture as Latin America, it is striking how its political landscape is marred by tensions on virtually every border. An interview with Michael Jacobs on books on the Andes. A review of Indians and Leftists in the Making of Ecuador’s Modern Indigenous Movements by Marc Becker. Pablo Piccato, author of The Tyranny of Opinion: Honor in the Construction of the Public Sphere, on honor, violence, and political debate in Mexico. Why is economic liberalism so taboo in socially liberal Brazil? With its glacier-carved peaks and fjords, southern Chile remains one of the wildest places on Earth, but that could soon change.