From CNN, a special report on Broken Government. From Time, Richard Stengel on fixing our broken government in Washington; and Peter Beinart on why Washington is tied up in knots. From Newsweek, the system’s not to blame, says Jon Meacham — we are. America the Ungovernable? Nonsense, says Charles Krauthammer. The system isn't broken: Partisanship is par for the course. We confront our crisis in a market-driven culture that's suspicious of public sector solutions — and more, of the very idea of the public. A review of I Do Solemnly Swear: The Moral Obligations of Legal Officials by Stephen Sheppard. Mathematicians have made progress in transforming the lazy bureaucrat into a collection of formulas, theorems and proofs. How much should a government employee make? Scott Brown is the latest to mount an attack on "lavish" federal wages — yet another version of the conservative attack on government. A look at how public servants became our masters. Research suggests power corrupts, but it corrupts only those who think they deserve it. Is it corrupt to be grateful? A campaign finance case shows that rationing political activity flies in the face of the Founders' design. Beyond campaign finance: There are ways to ease the two-party stranglehold on our political system, but they require taking a broader approach. How long have politicians wanted to "change the culture of Washington"? What will make people trust government again? Washington’s deficit of trust: Democrats need to counter the narrative of government incompetence. What happens when one party does not see a political upside in solving problems and has the power to keep those problems from being solved? The Nihilist Right: Andrew Sargus Klein on what happens when elected officials stop governing.