Why NYC's new dedicated crosstown bus lane owes a debt to Colombia: How one brilliant idea has traveled from Bogota all the way to New York City. What happened to New York's moxie? James Traub wants to know. COIN and selection effects: Henry Farrell on the most important lesson that the social sciences have to offer to policy makers. The Doctor Is In: At 88, Aaron Beck is now revered for an approach to psychotherapy that pushed Freudian analysis aside. Julian Baggini on how suicide can be a rational choice. Does the devil really wear Prada? An article on the psychology of anthropomorphism and dehumanization. One Strange Fish Tale: A review of An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World by Anders Halverson. The Cold War’s Organization Man: How Philip Mosely helped Soviet Studies moderate American policy. An interview with Amanda Craig on books that changed the world. You could easily say that high fashion is androg’ because, well, gay dudes and women basically run the fashion industry. From the recruiting game that started it all to the commercial juggernaut that outsold all but the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, P. W. Singer on a snapshot of militainment in action (and Seth Hettena reviews Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century). An interview with Marcus du Sautoy on books on the beauty of maths. An interview with Gene M. Heyman, author of Addiction: a Disorder of Choice (and a review). Iran Contrarians: Michael Crowley on Flynt and Hillary Leverett, Ahmadinejad’s Washington power couple. A study finds intelligent people have values novel in human evolutionary history. A review of Peace: A World History by Antony Adolf (and more).