Building a Better Teacher: There are more than three million teachers in the United States, and Doug Lemov is trying to prove that he can teach them to be better. A review of Cosmopolitanism and the Age of School Reform by Thomas Popkewitz. A review of The Making of Americans: Democracy and Our Schools by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. A review of The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education by Diane Ravitch (and more and more and more). High School 2.0: Can Philadelphia’s School of the Future live up to its name? An excerpt from Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons from Chicago. A review of Crazy Like a Fox: One Principal’s Triumph in the Inner City by Ben Chavis. The ABCs of Struggling Schools: Why literacy is at the heart of the problems that plague our lowest-performing public schools. Challenging tests and falling short may be hard on the ego, but they can do more than mere studying for eventually getting it right. What's sophisticated about elementary mathematics? Plenty — that's why elementary schools need math teachers. A review of Collateral Damage: How High-Stakes Testing Corrupts America's Schools by Sharon L. Nichols and David C. Berliner. An interview with Alison Wolf on books on education and society. Why don't students like school? Because the mind is not designed for thinking. Colleges face a challenge to masculinity: How 9th-grade gridlock keeps boys out of college. Class Dismissed: Why not eliminate the self-indulgent, debauched waste that is the senior year of high school? As teenagers become adults and eventually working professionals, how much does high school really contribute to their human development and financial, social, and professional well-being?