From The Weekly Standard, a cover story on The New Dating Game: Back to the New Paleolithic Age (and a response). From FT, a review essay on marriage. Dear, I "think" I might throttle you: Analytical words could help defuse the tension between a warring husband and wife. A review of Couples: The Truth by Kate Figes (and more and more and more). From The Nation, a review of A Vindication of Love: Reclaiming Romance for the Twenty-first Century by Cristina Nehring (and more at The New Criterion). The Good Lord will never give you another woman’s husband — you know this, so why would you have a married man’s baby? A handful of dating Web sites are competing to impose some science, or at least some structure, on the quest for love. An interview with Carl Weisman, author of Serious Doubts: Why People Marry When They Know It Won't Last. The first chapter from Untying the Knot: Marriage, the State, and the Case for Their Divorce by Tamara Metz. An interview with John Bowe, author of Us: Americans Talk About Love (and more). With marriage less necessary than ever before, the challenge becomes, how do we make our marriages necessary and relevant? A review of Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough by Lori Gottlieb (and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more). An interview with Wendy-O Matik, author of Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines For Responsible Open Relationships. Ted Fischer describes the evolutionary reasons for falling in love and how modernity has urged it along. From The Symptom, Jacques-Alain Miller on A New Kind of Love. When the honeymoon is over: What to do if cracks appear in a marriage, from seeking counseling to calling it quits — a review of books.