A look at Japanese anarcho-fascist politician Koichi Toyama: “Annihilate everything that exists!” The Japanese public has become increasingly aware that Ichiro Ozawa, Secretary-General of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, is the puppet-master behind Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s cabinet. Since the Democratic Party of Japan won in the country's August national election, Japan watchers have worried the new government might try to upset the status quo and ease away from the US. Will Obama seize a rare opportunity for change in U.S.-Japan relations? Princelings, Inc.: What really unites the United States and Japan in their current doldrums? Land of the setting sun: Japan’s economy was on course to surpass America’s — what happened? Twenty years ago this week, Japan’s Nikkei index reached its historic peak of 38,916 — there are lessons from the fall for America and the world. Japan's fake economic reforms: Why Tokyo could use a little more creative destruction. From YaleGlobal, will Japan emerge from its shell? (and part 2) From 3:AM, is this the year Japan jumps the shark? Memoirs of a Vanishing Japan: With its narrow streets and dark and hidden infoldings, there’s a distinctly feminine, mysterious, and inexplicably magnetic aspect to Japan that exists in few other places in the world. Japanese women, 20, decked out, and ogled by old men: Coming of Age Day brings out the best (and worst) in Japan. Wink on Pink: Christine R. Yano on interpreting Japanese cute as it grabs the global headlines. Joe McCulloch on how manga reflects not only the mores and attitudes of a culture very different from ours but also a manner of publication unfamiliar in English-speaking environs.