David R. Wenger (Freiburg): The Impotent State: Between Self-assertion Strategies and Illusions of Control. From The New Criterion, a special issue on The New Statism and the Assault on Individual Liberty. The first chapter from A Brief History of Liberty by David Schmidtz and Jason Brennan (and more). A review of Liberal Loyalty: Freedom, Obligation, and the State by Anna Stilz. The many faces of liberalism: Samuel Brittan reviews books on the political philosophy that has shaped our world, from personal freedom to free markets. From Rationality, Markets, and Morals, Frank Dietrich (Leipzig): Individual Interest and Political Legitimacy; and Horacio Spector (UTDT): Value Pluralism and the Two Concepts of Rights. Where are the polyarchists gone?: Tony Curzon Price on the liberty/equality axis. Marc F. Plattner (NED): Populism, Pluralism, and Liberal Democracy. From Public Reason, Christopher Jay (UCL): Keeping Truth Safe From Democracy. The Grasping Hand: Peter Sloterdijk on how the modern democratic state pillages its productive citizens (and Axel Honneth on Peter Sloterdijk). Samuel Bowles (SFI): Machiavelli's Mistake: Why Good Laws are no Substitute for Good Citizens. Small places matter more than big ones: Ron Johnston's investigations into the impact of geography on democracy have revealed that people in the same class position tend to support different parties depending on where they live. From Telos, democracy and modernization will provide popular sovereignty and progress only if they eschew further abstraction from localities, communities and families and instead uphold the "good life" and the common good in which all can share. A review of Politics for the Greatest Good: The Case for Prudence in the Public Square by Clarke D. Forsythe.