Eric Lawrence, John Sides, and Henry Farrell (GWU): Self-Segregation or Deliberation? Blog Readership, Participation, and Polarization in American Politics. A snake had just slithered into a sauropod's nesting ground, looking for dinner, but a sudden landslide enveloped and killed all involved, as stunning fossils show. Lawyers, Terror & Torture: Liz Cheney's witch hunt against lawyers who represented Guantanamo detainees is a new low. The rock star professor: Who is Farish Noor, this man who gives attention-grabbing quotes on controversial subjects and writes books that make politicians sit up and take notice? Greek Mess, Global Mess: The blame game over Greece's crisis misses the bigger problem — what is happening is a world-wide game of chicken. Ulysses S. Grant deserves his spot on the $50 bill and among our greatest presidents. Dirty tricks of the egg and sperm race: You might think the battle of the sexes is over once mating occurs — but it's just shifted to a new, microscopic arena. An ongoing battle between Rupert Murdoch, Silvio Berlusconi and Muammar al-Gaddafi involves adult television programming, an ultraviolent war film, and lots of money and bitterness flying around. From GQ, Hello, America: An interview with Rielle Hunter. Too much practice: William H. Willimon has second thoughts on a theological movement. The Liveliest Mind in New York: Tony Judt’s dazzling, cantankerous brain is one of New York’s great treasures — now, two years into a devastating battle with ALS, it is all he has left (and his latest at NYRB: Girls! Girls! Girls!). The Penguin story is a great publishing story but its latest campaign is less a celebration of a world-changing event and more a part of the ongoing battle for market share among the major publishers.

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