From The New Yorker, Timothy Geithner’s financial plan is working — and making him very unpopular. Is Geithner a courageous public servant doing the right thing, or have his years as a player in global finance made him loath to change an industry that needs fundamental reform? From The New York Times Magazine, Rahm Emmanuel was chosen as White House chief of staff because he could make things happen — what happened? (and more and more at The Washington Post and more at The New Yorker and more at The New Republic). Mark Schmitt on the case against the case against Rahm. Rahm Emanuel can thank the president for the attention he's getting. Unready for his close-up? Rahm Emanuel does not — repeat: does not — control the media. From Democracy, a special section on "The Liberal Moment: What Happened?", with contributions by Michael Sandel, Danielle Allen, William Galston, Martha Nussbaum and more. When Democrats take power, paranoia blooms: Ignorant, frightened people are notoriously easy to fool — enter Glenn Beck (the new Abbie Hoffman) and a host of other fast-talkers. No, we’re not a broken people: How to overcome an acute sense of defeatism. Kim R. Holmes (Heritage): Beware Our Rousseauian Imaginer in Chief. David Brooks on how Barack Obama never has been what political partisans make him out to be. Hate Sells: Matt Pressman on why liberal magazines are suffering under Obama. Beyond pale, male and stale: Why legacy progressive media must reinvent themselves to remain relevant. A review of The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History With the President by Taylor Branch. More and more and more and more and more and more on Ken Gormley's The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr.