From Human Life Review, an essay on Abortion: Conscience, Crisis, and the Church. The right to hate Angie Jackson's choice: An abortion-rights pioneer (who was excommunicated by the Catholic Church) says this isn't what she fought for (and more). Former Bryan Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson’s abrupt change from pro-choice activist to pro-life spokesperson turned her into a talk show sensation — but is her story true? Hitler as a "pro-life" poster child: Activists in Poland equate terminating a pregnancy with Nazism. "Abortion changes you": A dishonest antiabortion campaign premieres in New York City's subway. The film Maafa 21, which anti-abortion activists are screening to black audiences across the country, tries to link reproductive rights to eugenics — but it’s wrong. Controversial Georgia billboard campaign links abortion to race, says black children "endangered". From Slate, William Saletan and on the selective crusade against black women's abortions and on the pro-life case for pregnancy termination. Beyond Privacy: Reproductive rights advocates are fighting state-level abortion restrictions with creative litigation — and winning. The trouble with protesting the Tim Tebow ad: all most people see is pro-choicers trying to shut up a brave mother and her son. Why do male pro-lifers speak their minds while pro-choice guys stay silent? A review of Dispatches From the Abortion Wars by Carole Joffe. By Representative Bart Stupak's logic, the government is "subsidizing abortion" by building roads, developing medicine and providing childcare. Why Stupak is wrong: The Senate bill doesn't fund abortions — here's why he thinks it does. A brain scanning technology called MEG is being used to track the function of unborn babies' brains as they grow inside the womb until after they've been born.