Jutta Haider and Olof Sundin (Lund): Beyond the Legacy of the Enlightenment? Online Encyclopaedias as Digital Heterotopias. Brandon Beemer (Colorado): Mashups: A Literature Review and Classification Framework. From Wired, 10 years after: A look back at the dotcom boom and bust. An article on how ICANN, the little-understood, policy-setting body that’s in charge of the net’s address system, and its energetic new leader, Rod Beckstrom, is gearing up for some of its biggest challenges yet. Russell M Davies on the value of metadata. How privacy vanishes online: Using bits of data from social network sites, researchers gleaned names, ages and even Social Security numbers. Even if you do have a mostly private Facebook profile, others can glean vital information about you — just by looking at your friend list. Here's a look at the 7 types of Internet lists and 5 reasons the Internet could die at any moment. Loss in the Internet Age: Facing the death of a loved one will never quite be the same in an era of 1800Flowers.com e-reminders and Facebook walls. From Business Insider, here is the full story of how Facebook was founded. Facebook may be great at connecting long-lost friends, but could it also be used as a legal defense? A look at how Twitter and Facebook make us more productive. More and more and more on You Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier (and more at Bookforum). From Writ, a landlord/tenant defamation case highlights the risks of Twitter. The Curated Web: Tumblr, a relatively new blogging platform, just might be the future of the social Internet. An interview with Andrey Ternovskiy, creator of Chatroulette (and more and more and more and more and more and more and more). Before Chatroulette, there was the Circuit, a combination of Match.com, Skype, and the transporter from Star Trek.