From Smithsonian, Joyce Carol Oates returns to the town of her birth to revisit the places that haunt her memory and her extraordinary fiction (and an interview). Vatican's exorcist unleashed: The Catholic Church responds to sex abuse scandals — by blaming Satan. Fashion Democracy: Alexandra Jacobs on the world of virtual Anna Wintours. An article on keeping math whizzes off the street — off Wall Street, that is. An interview with Jason Bitner, editor of Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves. Kenneth M. Pinnow on his book Lost to the Collective: Suicide and the Promise of Soviet Socialism, 1921-1929. The Real Year of Revolution: Despite 2008's seemingly endless celebrations of the events of 1968, it is the legacy of 1979 that lingers on. What kind of parents nurture Leftist America? Beverly K. Eakman investigates. Foodstamps and farmers' markets: Help devise a system for using food stamps to buy better produce. The O in Network: Just when Oprah was ready to give up her talk-show throne, a new opportunity presented itself, the chance to launch her own 24-hour channel — but can one work without the other? From The Root, an interview with Spike Lee (and part 2). Diorama-Rama: Are toy photography "dios" a new art form, a different breed of fan fiction, or nothing loftier than playtime for the stunted? From James Joyce to Jefferson Airplane and, now, Tim Burton, Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland novels have inspired more than a century of literature, fashion, art — even crime! What happens when you discover uranium in your backyard. When the water rises: An article on five architects’ plans for managing a globally warmed future. Let us now trash famous authors: James Agee's Depression classic Let Us Now Praise Famous Men still stings the family of its subjects.