A new issue of Five Dials is out, on Roberto Bolano, Jon Savage, Paul Murray and more. From Geez, a special issue on work. An 82-year-old Catholic priest, father Marques Barbosa, became an unwitting porn star when he was shown on Brazilian TV having sex with a 19-year-old altar boy. From Global Politician, Kenneth Houston on the Vatican’s Nietzschean moment. Somewhere over the rainbow: David McNeill on Toyota and the consequences of the drive to be the world’s No.1. Tiger Woods’ true self: The golfer was sincere but not authentic as he staged his confessions for the camera — in a tradition that goes right back to Rousseau’s invention of the confessional mode. Do movie critics matter? Armond White wants to know. From the latest issue of Granta, we are transported back by one generation to visit the life Jeremy Seabrook would have lived, had he been born at a different time — and back into the nineteenth century, and his days as a "ranting cobbler-preacher". From The Awl, choose your own adventure: The Blog Post. Green Berets with a Human Face: Slavoj Zizek on The Hurt Locker. Victor Davis Hanson on Tomorrow’s Wars: Enormous, massively destructive engagements may again be on the horizon. Is Muhammad more deserving of reverential treatment than Jesus? The New York Times seems to think so. From LQ, an atheist meets the masters of the universe: An article on AJ Ayer's near death experience; and the [heart] icon is used all over the world as a pictogram of the human heart, and as shorthand for affection; the story of how the [heart] and love came together is a romantic tale. A study suggests alien abduction experiences not simply products of fantasy-proneness. Where Hannah Arendt went wrong: Shlomo Avineri looks back at The Origins of Totalitarianism.