There persists in the American Jewish imagination an anxiety of inauthenticity — that someone, somewhere, is the real Jew, but I’m not it. From American Thinker, an article on liberal Jews and the legacy of neoconservatism. The Fork in J Street: Will the new Israel lobby disavow its extreme left flank? An interview with Stephen Walt on books on US-Israel relations. Scott McLemee interviews Abraham Socher, editor of the Jewish Review of Books. From JRB, a review of Myths, Illusions and Peace: Finding a New Direction for America in the Middle East by Dennis Ross and David Makovsky; and a review of Contemporary American Judaism: Transformation and Renewal by Dana Evan Kaplan. Moment profiles Jeremy Ben-Ami, the man behind J Street; and an interview with Howard Zinn. Leon Wieseltier on cruelty and stupidity in Jerusalem. Why ambivalence is good for Israel and American Jews. Gordon Haber attends the Jewlicious Festival, a celebration of Jewish cool. What about the red, white and blue ball on the pool table that keeps cozying the blue and white ball with the Star of David no matter where you push it? A new community of American Judaism is embracing religious traditionalism and social liberalism. David Remnick on how Israel views Obama. Evangelical Christians have emerged as Israel’s staunchest allies — even as some American Jews are made uneasy by the show of support. Shalom on the range: Theodore Ross goes in search of the American Crypto-Jew. Unsettled: Why Israel and liberal American Jews are drifting apart. The high cost of Jewish living: The recession has hastened an affordability crisis and highlighted the refusal of the American Jewish community to look after its own first. Mark LeVine on changing the Jewish state and the state of Jews: J Street and the future of Israel.