Not human, not Neanderthal, what is she? Researchers identify possible new human group with DNA from bone (and more and more and more). A look at 6 human character flaws (that saved the species). A caring god would not have designed us like this: A review of Inside the Human Genome: A Case for Non-intelligent Design by John Avise (and more). The first chapter from Genetics For Dummies by Tara Rodden Robinson. It's not just financial markets that experience bubbles, society does too — and the Human Genome Project is a perfect example. Do-it-yourself genetic engineering: In the burgeoning field of synthetic biology, even amateur scientists are building life forms. The real promise of synthetic biology: Scientists are closing in on the ability to make life from scratch, with potential consequences both good and bad. Life's code rewritten in four-letter words: A totally new genetic code has been devised, along with the machinery that could make it a biological reality. Reinventing life: A look at the strange and wondrous science of biological technology. A review of How to Defeat Your Own Clone: And Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech Revolution by Kyle Kurpinski and Terry D. Johnson. DNA meets the distribution channel: Reaching the potential of personalized medicine is as much a matter of logistics as science. A review of Who Owns You: The Corporate Gold-Rush to Patent Your Genes by David Koepsell. Who owns your DNA?: Why patenting genes is a bad idea. A review of Observing Bioethics by Renee Fox and Judith Swazey. How might the new Bioethics Commission operate? Fortunately, we have some idea because its new chair, Amy Gutmann, outlined her views on how bioethics commissions should be run. Henry Louis Gates's latest televised genetic odyssey is rich in emotion but lacking in context.