John A. Davis (Conn): Greece in Contemporary English-language Historiographical Perspectives. New research supports the notion that we fixate on enemies, and inflate their power, as a defense mechanism against generalized anxiety. An interview with anthropologist Lionel Tiger on faith and sexual behaviour, why religion comforts us, and how churches act as "serotonin factories". A look at how the emergence of reggaeton has proven problematic, calling into question many notions of race and identity. Why women don't want macho men: New research suggests that women from countries with healthier populations prefer more feminine-looking men; Jena Pincott on the science behind attraction and masculinity, and the future for manly men (and is Arthur Sulzberger a girly-man?). The Prize Lies of a Nazi Tycoon: Alfred Toepfer posed as a peacemaker in postwar Europe and lavished awards on British artists; unknown to them, he played a key role in the Third Reich and helped war criminals flee justice. From Swans, Michael Doliner on a short history of stupidity (and part 2). From St. Austin Review, an article on GK Chesterton, fairy tale philosopher. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America serves a critical role in contemporary society, not as a harbinger of charity and health, but instead as an integral humanitarian tool in capitalism's war against life. China is now laying claim to the Arctic, bringing to six the number of countries vying for rights to the resource-laden region. The US government is cracking down on misleading advertising; shouldn't political propaganda be included in the discussion? Fashion may sound like an odd subject for a futurist to think about, but it's often an indicator of broader cultural trends around sexuality, material technology, gender roles, and money.