From GQ, Manny Pacquiao is the Biggest Little Man in the World: What do you get when you cross Muhammad Ali, Sly Stallone, Vaclav Havel, Michael Vick, Che Guevara, & Clay Aiken? From The Awl, Christopher Conklin on the Henry Blodget/Felix Salmon Twitt-spat and how Web writers get held responsible for the lawyers, the sales guys and even the coffeemaker (and more at FishbowlNY). Are the new diminished payouts causing more Wall Street players to keep their big swinging dicks zipped, and endure the quiet desperation of keeping up their loveless marriage franchises? The Siege of Rome: With stories spreading about the abuse by priests, without effective Vatican intervention, of 200 deaf boys in Wisconsin and of choir boys in Germany, shrubbery may not be enough. A review of The Social and Political Thought of Benedict XVI by Thomas R. Rourke. On “krabattophily”: What is the appeal of a flat cuboidal amalgam of springs and stuffing that someone else has deemed worthless enough to discard? The trials and tribulations of the "perfect mother": The controversial French philosopher Elisabeth Badinter has stirred up a storm with her critique of the Anglo-American eco-mums whose values are now invading France (and more). American Jeremiad, a Manifesto: Is it possible that some of our current manifestos are really jeremiads, trapped in the wrong packaging? The Huffington Post features the most surprising college drop-outs, celebs who are currently getting their degrees, the craziest celeb-written theses, and the clebs who teach. Government 'a counting: Does the U.S. Census need a 21st-century makeover? From Time, a look at 10 tech trends for 2010 as seen at SXSW. Do you have an Internet connection, some free time and a penchant for staring off into space? Then Galaxy Zoo needs you.