The first chapter from The Torah for Dummies by Arthur Kurzweil. A review of The Biblical Saga of King David by John Van Seters. A review of Introduction to the Prophets by Paul L. Redditt. A review of Disability in the Hebrew Bible: Interpreting Mental and Physical Differences by Saul M. Olyan. A review of The Natural History of the Bible: An Environmental Exploration of the Hebrew Scriptures by Daniel Hillel. A review of Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible by Ellen Davis. From Review of Biblical Literature, a review of Body, Soul, and Human Life: The Nature of Humanity in the Bible by Joel Green; a review of Deep Exegesis: The Mystery of Reading Scripture by Peter J. Leithart; and a review of Sustaining Fictions: Intertextuality, Midrash, Translation, and the Literary Afterlife of the Bible by Lesleigh Cushing Stahlberg. A review of Pen of Iron: American Prose and the King James Bible by Robert Alter. The first chapter from Lost Books of the Bible for Dummies by Daniel L. Smith-Christopher and Stephen Spignesi. An excerpt from Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (and Why We Don't Know About Them) by Bart Ehrman. A review of Bible Babel: Making Sense of the Most Talked About Book of All Time by Kristin Swenson. A review of The Good Book: The Bizarre, Hilarious, Disturbing, Marvelous, and Inspiring Things I Learned When I Read Every Single Word of the Bible by David Plotz. The Greatest Business Story Ever Told: How Bible publishers went forth and multiplied. Is the Bible more violent than the Quran? The origins of a holy book: Using ancient texts, scholars have begun an audacious effort to unravel the story of the Koran — what will they find? The first chapter from The Koran for Dummies by Sohaib Sultan.