From Studia Philosophica Estonica, a special issue on The Role of Intuitions in Philosophical Methodology. From the inaugural issue of Comparative Philosophy, an introduction (and more on comparative philosophy methodology), and Xianglong Zhang (Peking): Comparison Paradox, Comparative Situation and Inter-Paradigmaticy: A Methodological Reflection on Cross-cultural Philosophical Comparison; Zhihua Yao (CUHK): Typology of Nothing: Heidegger, Daoism and Buddhism; and Manuel Vargas (USF): On the Value of Philosophy: The Latin American Case. A review of Bertrand Russell and the Edwardian Philosophers: Constructing the World by Omar Nasim. A review of Language, Reality, and Mind: A Defense of Everyday Thought by Charles Crittenden. A review of How We Reason by Philip Johnson-Laird. A review of Reason in Philosophy: Animating Ideas by Robert Brandom. Here are many chapters from Reading Brandom: On Making It Explicit, ed. Bernhard Weiss and Jeremy Wanderer. A review of Not Exactly: In Praise of Vagueness by Kees van Deemter (and more and more). A review of Selves: An Essay in Revisionary Metaphysics by Galen Strawson (and an interview). A review of Willing, Wanting, Waiting by Richard Holton. A review of Franz Rosenzweig and the Systematic Task of Philosophy by Benjamin Pollock. Terence Rajivan Edward (Manchester): Nagel on Conceivability. A review of Secular Philosophy and the Religious Temperament: Essays 2002–2008 by Thomas Nagel. Here is Michael Ruse's introduction to Philosophy after Darwin: Classic and Contemporary Readings. A review of Cognition and Perception: How Do Psychology and Neural Science Inform Philosophy? by Athanassios Raftopoulos. A review of The Red and The Real: An Essay on Color Ontology by Jonathan Cohen.