The inaugural issue of Miranda is out. From The Millions, J.C. Hallman on Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and utopian schemes. Is the mystery of Easter Island solved? From n+1, a review of Experimental Philosophy and Kwame Anthony Appiah's Experiments in Ethics. Why did the folk at The New Yorker and the distinguished artist, Daniel Clowes, decide that creating "The Boomerang Generation" would be a humorous and relevant depiction of contemporary PhD life? An interview with Jean Yu-wen Shen, editor of Asian American Studies Now: A Critical Reader. An interview with Joel Olson, author of The Abolition of White Democracy, on fanaticism and extremism. Philosophy in the boudoir and the streets: An interview with Simon Critchley. Jeffrey Wasserstrom on 5 parallels between author tours and rock concerts. Howard Kurtz profiles Chuck Todd, White House correspondent, anchor, blogger, twitterer. A review of In Hock: Pawning in America from Independence through the Great Depression by Wendy A. Woloson. Erin Aubry Kaplan reviews Midnight at the Barrelhouse: The Johnny Otis Story by George Lipsitz. Gawker's Max Read on the idiots responsible for the BP oil leak disaster (and 9 strange facts of the spill). A review of Starting Today: 100 Poems for Obama's First 100 Days. A review of Should You Judge This Book by Its Cover? 100 Fresh Takes on Familiar Sayings and Quotations by Julian Baggini. The Library of Congress holds conference on origins of portolan charts. It worked for Betty White: Academics are a force behind a new Facebook campaign to have Slavoj Zizek named as a guest host of SNL. Towards a new ethics of nature: Our obligation to the future is not to preserve purity but to pass on equivalent value for the natural assets we deplete. Belgium Waffles: Two nations, after all?